Streamline social is a digital product management and development agency that helps companies build robust web & mobile using a process that validates hypotheses through community-driven learning. We are currently in the process of building a new site, mean-while enjoy the interim.

4Daptive Analytics Technologies

Streamline and UrbanSitters tackle trusted babysitters network.

We teamed up with an entrepreneurial power house to form an online marketplace where parents go to find & book babysitters recommended by people they know. The socially enabled web & mobile solution, enhances users existing social graphs (Facebook), to provide a broader degree of visibility into users relationship. We owned all section of design & development, and heavily involved in both product desgin and stratigic planing.

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In the weeds: Manage your restuarant resources

In The Weeds The future of restaurant management.

We teamed up with the CIA alum, turned veteran chef, turned restaurant business consultant to form the next generation restaurant technology. The mobile and web services provieds full management capabilities over restaurants employees life-cycle. From point of hire, through management and performance review to firing.

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4Daptive Analytics Technologies

Streamline and Roundhouseone
tackle spatial intelligence.

We are currently working with RoundHouseOne on proprietary, patented technology. 4Daptive, captures, validates and organizes data from a variety of sources to provide full picture analytics. The User Interface manages facility data, analytics and findings, providing our clients with the spatial intelligence data they need to manage the life cycle of their facilities. The Feedback Loop process ensures that the smart data platform is continuously improving. We owned all section of design & development, heavily involved in both product desgin and stratigic planing. Serving major education districts (ex. OUSD, HNEI) and the US NAVI.

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Streamline goes Parental Screening.

Mediscale Prenatal Screener is a revolutionary new way to get full analysis and suggested followup about your pregnant patients. The Prenatal Screener automatically analyzes all of the relevant patient's data against thousands of the latest genetic rules, all based on the most recent medical publications.

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