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Leveraging our lean start-up expertise, we’ve helped companies design and develop websites, iPhone and Android apps, and custom software solutions that merge beauty with brilliance.

A sampling of our work

We created a fully integrated Telehealth platform to manage patient engagement and scheduling.

Compassionate Health needed to expand its service beyond its 18 physical clinics to support a growing patient population. We developed a fully secure web and mobile solution for Telehealth and scheduling that serves over 3,500 patients a month through research, prototyping, and custom development.

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Urban Sitter

We helped create the first truly trusted, socially-enabled babysitter marketplace.

We helped prototype and build an online marketplace for parents to find and book babysitters recommended by people in their shared social network. The socially enabled web and mobile solution enhances users' existing social graphs to provide a broader degree of visibility into users' relationships.

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Round House One

We created a data-driven spatial intelligence platform.

We created a BI and Analytics platform that offers a full spectrum of strategic and tactical services designed to answer some of the big questions about the physical environment in which organizations operate. Using Big Data, we created a proprietary ETL/ELT custom query and visualization solution that measures the impact on staff and customer health, satisfaction, and performance.

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In The Weeds

We created a next-generation SaaS platform to tackle the problem of restaurant workforce management.

ITW was looking to build a custom platform to optimize restaurant workforce recruiting procedures. Our enterprise web and mobile SaaS solution combined social network, scheduling, and communication capabilities to reduce time spent sourcing, screening and hiring candidates.

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We empowered the digital transformation of legacy media.

We built an online learning platform for JPEF, a non-profit education foundation that develops and distributes educational materials about the Jewish partisans. Rich with user-driven features and user experiences, the platform enables educators to increase engagement with the story of the Resistance.

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We created a smart learning & matching engine to help friends streamline the planning of social events.

We teamed up with social scheduling start-up INBE to create a next-generation AI schedule solution. Organizing a meeting or event takes too much back and forth; add another participant, and it quickly becomes a nightmare of extended deliberations over decision-making. Our solution orchestrates locations, times, and experiences based on participants’ shared preferences and schedules.

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Self Help for the elderly

We built the California Public Utility Commission’s next generation CRM system.

We built the technology behind Self-Help's and California Public Utility Commission’s enterprise web-based CRM & customer support system, which manages thousands of weekly-logged customer needs with clarity and efficiency.

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We leveraged data to enhance understanding and knowledge for women engaged in prenatal genetic testing.

Mediscale Prenatal Screener is a revolutionary SaaS platform that provides a full analysis and prescripted follow-ups about pregnant patients. We built the Intelligence Decision Support System to enable OB/GYNs to overcome the critical pain points of misdiagnosis and malpractice.

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